Beau Wagner

Echoing stories from the Land

Cedar is full of magic from the earth and stars; each growth ring holds power, gratitude, humility, and community.
Each year strengthening this connection between worlds.

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“Nature is speaking to us right now if you listen” – Charlotte, age 6.

In these unique workshops Beau shares his connection with the Land through hands-on learning, story, art and culture. Students will spend time with x’pey (Western red cedar) learning about its cultural significance and healing properties. The healing power of x’pey guides this work, bringing joy, belonging, love and kindness to the classroom. These workshops are suitable for K-12 students and are linked with the BC Curriculum as well as the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning. Beau also offers workshops for adults, community groups, teachers (Pro-D), and university students. Each program is tailored to the age and requirements of the group.

Connection to self within the Land.

Undertaking traditional activities on the land helps Indigenous people physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally as individuals, and also helps them build stronger connections within their communities. Non-Indigenous benefit as well from time in and with nature, disconnected from their often stressful routines.

Making the sacred visible.

Beau’s approach to creating Coast Salish Art is based on the teachings he has received from Elders in local Indigenous communities. Late Stz’uminus Master Carver and Elder ShYa’QuThut (Elmer Sampson) spent a great deal of time training Beau on the Land and in the carving shed. He shared that we are all connected. The x’pey (Western red cedar) is not just a medium, it is a relative, a living, breathing being with a spirit that is transformed through carving, energy and ceremony into other forms. Beau’s art is derived from the Land and stories from his people who have lived on this land since time immemorial.

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