This 3 hour workshop (open to Grades K-12 depending on project option chosen) begins with a song, followed by the option of working on a cedar project or spending time in the forest slowing down and connecting with the Land.

This program meets a range of BC Curriculum Learning Outcomes as well as First Peoples Principles of Learning.

Our cedar is responsibly and respectfully harvested from sustainable sources.

Prices of the projects reflect the amount of time required to prepare the cedar before the workshops.

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Workshop Overview

Join Beau for a hands-on workshop focusing on the power of x’pey (Western red cedar). Cedar is a dynamic healing force. It absorbs the energy of those around it in both the physical and spirit worlds, then releases this energy through good feelings, connections to our inner selves, ancestral trails and visions.

In this 3 hour session, students will get to know Coast Salish art and teachings through song and story. They will learn about the process of harvesting cedar respectfully and in relationship with the Land before making a cedar project of their own (optional).

Hul’qumi’num language and therefore stories are from the Land and are made of the Land. If you slow down enough in nature and listen, the stories will come to you. From the wind, the birds, to the insects and everything in between, the Land is alive and speaking to you. These stories spoken from the Land come to life through art. The good feelings and teachings from them are imbued in the cedar projects which students then carry home.

Each cedar project has a story, a teaching, and a purpose as outlined below.

Workshop Project Options

Basic (No Cedar) for Grades K-12

Art. This workshop shares teachings about Coast Salish art and connection to Land as well as the opportunity to draw or colour some Coast Salish artistic elements. Students will learn to identify Coast Salish art, listen to stories and songs, and will take home a drawing of their own.
$500 per class

Cedar Medallion Project for Grades 5-12

Embodiment. Wearing cedar wood is a way to embody the teachings and to carry those stories with you. Students will each design and paint their own cedar medallion to take home with them while listening to Coast Salish stories and songs.
$555 per class

Cedar Rope Project for Grades 3-12

Indigenous Food Sovereignty. Cedar rope teachings speak to Indigenous food sovereignty. Rope is connected with net making (fishing), canoes (travel, fishing, seasonal harvesting), and all around use in the village. Students will learn about traditional harvesting and processing of cedar bark before making a cedar rope of their own.
$700 per class

Cedar Bracelet Project for Grades 3-12

Protection and Healing. Wearing cedar is a way to surround and protect yourself. It is a way to bring the teachings with you and to have the songs and stories from the Land with you at all times. Students will learn about traditional harvesting and processing of cedar bark before each making a cedar bracelet to take home with them.
$775 per class

Cedar Clapper Project for Grades 5-12

Naut’sa mawt (working together). Cedar clappers are imbued with teachings. As they are used to clap in unison the sound brings those teachings to life. They remove the bad and release love, joy, and kindness out into the world around us. Students will design and paint a set of cedar clappers each while listening to Coast Salish songs and stories.
$880 per class

Cedar Headband Project for Grades 5-12

Spirit. A Cedar headband is a way to connect to higher spirit and to your higher self. The headband has 4 strands. Each strand represents a teaching. Students will learn about traditional harvesting and processing of cedar bark before each making a cedar headband of their own.
$1,050 per class

Cedar Mat (9″ x 9″) Project for Grades 5-12

Grounding and Protection. Cedar mats are a way to ground yourself to the planet. They are also a form of protection. Students will learn about traditional harvesting and processing of cedar bark before each making a cedar mat of their own.
$3,800 per class

Workshop Guidance

  • Capacity: Note that we can serve up to 30 students per workshop.
  • Length: 3 hours per workshop.
  • Dates: This workshop can be scheduled to take place on a Thursday or a Friday morning from 9 am – 12 noon.
  • Setting: Workshops can be offered in class or as Field Trips on the Land. Please select your preference on the booking form.
  • Payment: Payment is due on or before the workshop date.
  • Booking: To book a Cedar and Me workshop for your class, please fill out the form below.

Huy ch q’a! (Thank you!)

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We understand that sometimes cancelling or rescheduling workshops is unavoidable. Cedar projects take time, energy, and money to prepare in advance, and are based on the number of participants registered. Please give us at least 7 days notice if you need to reschedule. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Full (100%) refund given 7 days or more notice, ahead of the booked date.
  • Half (50%) refund given 2 – 6 days notice, ahead of the booked date.
  • No (0%) refund within 48 hours of the booked date.
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