When we slow down we begin to see the teachings in everything. Everything within the forest from the floor to the tops of the trees. All these living things in relation with one another. Depending on others’ success – all having purpose for the health of the forest. We are magical beings full of magic from the stars. As we let go of what does not belong, we begin to see the simple things in life. Love Joy Kindness Belonging.

Our cedar is responsibly and respectfully harvested from sustainable sources.

The Benefits of Land-Based Wellbeing

Breaking the stereotypes: “This is only for you”. Or “You don’t belong”, when in fact you do. When we practice culture together we strengthen culture, we strengthen understanding, and we break barriers. We understand that we are human, we are part of mother nature, and we are one being.

The offerings below are intended to reconnect us to the Land as a way to heal, strengthen, embrace our true selves, and let go of what does not belong. When we hold onto our past trauma we carry that to a new time and space. When we allow ourselves to feel the love of the stories within the wind, the Land and all living things, when we put those feelings down, it opens us to new beginnings. Understand that we are part of nature. The natural world needs us as much as we need it. It is balanced. When we take on this role of protecting future generations. Our relationship changes with ourselves and with the relationships in our lives.

Offerings for Adults

Connecting in circle, in ceremony, is so important for our mental health. Carve with me on the Land, in circle around the fire, in ceremony.
Adults 18+ who identify as men

Leader Bio

Beau has been on a long journey of uncertainty, confusion, trauma, self-discovery, mentorship and healing. The Land has played an essential part in this journey of healing. Now an experienced carver and teacher, Beau recognizes the profound healing that can take place on the land. When working in a relationship with the world around us it brings balance and inner peace. He offers to guide you back onto the Land so you can reconnect to yourself.

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