Joining in circle around fire on the land is missing in the Western fast-paced society. Slow down and connect while learning to carve or simply sitting with other carvers. For adults aged 18 and above who identify as men.

Our cedar is responsibly and respectfully harvested from sustainable sources.

All Things are a Circle

Connecting in circle, in ceremony, is so important for our mental health.

I lost my father at a young age and had no parental guidance growing up. I felt angry and unworthy. I hated myself. I did not have the tools to handle these intense feelings on my own so they festered and I turned to drugs and alcohol for relief. I carried a lot of trauma and I didn’t care if I lived or died.

I felt hopeless but when I met my mentor, Papa Elmer, he turned that around. He reconnected and grounded me. He showed me this cyclical way of life. As we harvested, fished, and gathered from the earth and sea, I found connection to culture and to the Land. I learned to move through intense emotions by giving them to the Land, releasing them, so that they can come full circle as the Land renews them into good feelings.

I found that working with cedar was a profound way to let go. The more I worked with cedar the closer I felt to Creator and all other living things. I was able to see visions in the cedar and the more I worked with it, the easier it became.

Being in circle with like minded men gives us connection to community and a feeling of belonging. We live in a world where being tough and disconnected is praised, and showing emotion and compassion is considered weak. Men’s mental health is not talked about. We are taught to feed our self esteem with power, wealth and domination. This is a false sense of power that leaves you empty and alone.

Men need deep cultural roots, connection and community to be strong fathers, brothers and partners. This creates resilient communities. With very little opportunity for men to connect, dealing with mental health issues can seem overwhelming.

Today I humbly ask you to take time for yourself. To pull yourself from your mind in order to connect your heart to community. Carve with me on the Land, in circle around the fire, in ceremony.

There is unity in strength. There is strength in coming together. Join me.

Leader Bio

Beau has been on a long journey of uncertainty, confusion, trauma, self-discovery, mentorship and healing. The Land has played an essential part in this journey of healing.

Now an experienced carver and teacher, Beau recognizes the profound healing that can take place on the land. When working in a relationship with the world around us it brings balance and inner peace.

He offers to guide you back onto the Land so you can reconnect to yourself.

You can read more about Beau here.


  • What We’ll Do:
    • We’ll sit, carve, eat, hangout, and share.
    • All harvesting will be done in a respectful way – in relationship with the Land.
  • Where We’ll Be:
    • This program will be run on the Land in a Coastal Douglas-fir forest.
    • This forest has old growth trees and walking trails which can be used to inspire and also source carving materials.
  • How to Join in a Good Way:
    • Come only if you are in a good place. It is important to understand how carving cedar absorbs your energy, including when you’re in a bad place. You could pollute not just your own carving but those of the other participants. 
    • Physically prepare by being comfortable for several hours beforehand.
    • Wear clothing and footwear that will support you in being comfortable sitting outside and walking on forested trails. Bring layers as the weather and temperature may change.
    • Bring enough basic food and water to sustain your body.
  • Cost:
    • We’re interested in minimizing income as a barrier to this offering, so we ask only that you donate what you can.

Huy ch q’a! (Thank you!)

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